Seminar on April 17, 2015



Recent Advances and Challenges in

Pricing and Revenue Management


Ozan Gözbaşı,

(Optiyol Decision Analytics



In this talk, we provide an overview and flavor of the applications of revenue management and pricing arising in different industries, which is followed by selected recent advances and challenges in the area. We will cover the following subjects: (1) opaque selling, (2) customer choice modeling, (3) integrated supply chain and revenue management. Opaque selling has been popularized by companies such as Hotwire and Priceline, who guarantee one of several fully-specified packages to travelers but hide the actual product that the customer will receive until after the purchase is completed. Although it has been a common practice to characterize customer demand exogenously, with the increasing availability of customer data, it became essential to integrate customer choice modeling to revenue management systems. There is also a growing interest in applying revenue management outside of the traditional travel and hospitality domains. Integrated supply chain and revenue management seeks to provide joint pricing, order acceptance and replenishment mechanisms which is aware of current production costs, shared production capacities of multiple components and available inventory.


Short Bio: 

Dr. Ozan Gözbaşı holds a B.Sc. degree in Industrial Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering at Boğaziçi University (2005). He received his M.Sc. degree in Operations Research (2006) and Ph.D. degree in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology (2010). His dissertation focused on optimization algorithms for Radiation Treatment of Cancer Patients in collaboration with Emory University. His research has appeared in INFORMS Journal on Computing. He worked as an Algorithm Design Engineer at SmartOps (acquired by SAP), Pittsburgh to develop enterprise-grade software for multi-stage inventory planning and optimization for Fortune 1000 companies (2010-2012).  After returning to Turkey, he served as a management consultant at a mobile telecommunications operator for sales channel optimization and at a large consumer durable goods manufacturers for pricing analytics. In 2013, he served as the Manager of Advanced Analytics and Operations Research at P1M1. He co-founded Optiyol Decision Analytics in 2014 at Özyeğin University Center for Entrepreneurship. The company is aiming to develop SaaS solutions for supply chain optimization and revenue management. He has taught Risk Management and Factory Physics at Özyeğin University as a part-time instructor (2013-2014).


All interested are cordially invited.  


DATE:  April 17, 2015 

TIME:  Friday, 15:00-16:00