Istanbul Discrete Mathematics Meetings

Linear Algebra Methods for Counting the Number of Perfect Matchings in Graphs, by Afshin Behmaram, September 18, 2019, IMBM

Dominating Induced Matchings in Graphs, by Afshin Behmaram, September 11, 2019, IMBM

Lecture Series on the Probabilistic Method and Extremal Graph Theory, John Gimbel, June 10-11, 2019, IMBM.

Around Cereceda's conjecture, Carl Feghali, April 19, 2019, IMBM

Problems and Results in Kempe equivalence of colourings, Carl Feghali, April 26, 2019, IMBM

Research Visits

Afshin Behmaram (University of Tabriz) visited our department between September 6-20, 2019 (supported by IMBM).

John Gimbel (University of Alaska) visited our department between June 4-July 5, 2019 within the TÜBİTAK Project 118F397 (Defective Ramsey Numbers in Graph Classes)

Carl Feghali visited our department between April 15-30, 2019.

Conference participation

I participated to 50th Southeastern International Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory & Computing at Boca Raton, FL,US on March 4-8, 2019.I gave a talk entitled "Advances on Equimatchable Graphs" in the Special Session "Structured Families of Graphs and Orders: Mathematical and Algorithmic Aspects". Here is a photo taken by Martin Golumbic during my talk.


I co-organized the Workshop on Graph Theory and Its Applications-IX on November 1-2, 2019. Invited speakers: Vadim Levit and Sebastian Siebertz.

I co-organized the Workshop on Graph Theory and Its Applications-VIII on November 9-10, 2018.

Academic Leave

Sept 2017-Sept 2018: Academic leave at the Computer and Information Science Department, University of Oregon, USA, hosted by Andrzej Proskurowski, under Fulbright Visiting Scholar and Tübitak 2219 Grants.